Ozempik is ruining Thanksgiving, users say: “I cook all day, eat 2 tablespoons”

For some unusual petite people taking exercise to lose weight trying to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner can feel like a punch in the gut.

Most foodies look forward to indulging in braised turkey, honey-roasted ham, macaroni and cheese, creamy casseroles and decadent desserts on Thursday.

But waist-watchers taking Semaglutide drugs such as Ozempik, Munjaro and Vegovi for type 2 diabetes, which are used to lower blood sugar, are bracing themselves for not-so-satisfying celebrations due to their drastically reduced appetites caused by the constantly buzzing injections.

I’m a recovering fat girl, snapped North Carolina mom Julie Stoll-Kelly, a fortysomething who takes Semaglutide shots to shed extra pounds, in a trending tirade on TikTok. She decided to skip her once-weekly injection before the festivities, hoping the dose would allow her to celebrate freely.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, the brunette with a belly. I want to have turkey and mashed potatoes and some cranberry sauce and green bean casserole and sweet potato pie and I want more than just a tiny little slice.

Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro users are going viral over their inability to enjoy full plates of delicious food this Thanksgiving.

Her moans about goodies notwithstanding, small portions of holiday favorites are probably all that’s on the menu for anti-obesity blabbermouths like Stoll-Kelly, as drugs make otherwise large meals feel full more quickly.

The semaglutide in Ozempik works by mimicking the natural hormone, GLP-1. It slows the passage of food through the stomach and intestines, causing a feeling of satisfaction for longer periods of time.

The powerful effects of the shots even contributed to a drop in sales of snacks at Walmart. In October, the retail giant acknowledged a slight pullback in demand for the high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie bites that once flew off its shelves before the Ozemic gold rush.

Semgalutide drugs act as an appetite suppressant, causing users to feel full and refrain from overeating.
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But this week’s design-chewing cheerleaders aren’t too excited about patching up their limited abilities.

Thanks to Ozempic, I’ll be eating like this on Thanksgiving, TikTok user @LilPooPooh lamented in the closed caption of a post featuring a small dinner plate stocked with tiny side dishes of potatoes, mac and cheese, Brussels sprouts, and turkey. She depicted her frustrations with a series of frowning emoticons on top of the audio of “I’m So Hungry,” singing.

semaglutide shooter Carly Sine wrote: When you’re finally in a good place for weight loss and then Thanksgiving happens, in an equally disturbing post. The mother-of-four and military wife expressed her fears about the holiday’s limited eating with a popular video of actor Pedro Pascal biting into a flabby sandwich while sitting in front of a Turkey Day spread.

Julissa Alcantar, a real estate agent from Houston, also lamented her disappointing indifference to the tasty treats of Thanksgiving 2022, saying: I’ve cooked things I thought I’d really like, and I ended up eating maybe two tablespoons of it.

I enjoyed the company more than anything, Alcantar added.

But some in the footage are thankful that food won’t be their only focus this Thanksgiving.

Wegovy user Claudia Stearns, 65, of Somerville, Massachusetts, told The Associated Press, Last year it was so nice to just be able to enjoy my meal, focus on being with friends and family, focus on the joy of the day It was a completely new experience.

Stearns enjoys centering her celebration around good company rather than food thanks to her use of Veggies.
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Joe Sapone, a 64-year-old retiree from New Jersey who lost 100 pounds on Munjaro, also happily fakes his usual holiday food orgy. But he worries how a lack of interest in drinking might affect his overall experience.

Part of being successful at this is timing the good times with what you eat, Sapone said. [But] will i still have fun if i don’t eat so much?

Jens Jules Holst, a leading GLP-1 researcher, questioned whether former gluttons were able to maintain a nonchalant attitude toward pleasure indefinitely.

Why did you lose weight? asked Holst. This is because you have lost your appetite. This is because you have lost the pleasure of eating and the reward of having a wonderful meal,

And how long can you last? he posed. That is the real, real question.

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